should i sleep or should i watch greys?

Anonymous asked: Castle or Doctor Who


Imagine your icon pressing you against a wall and kissing you.

Guys, btw I’m still going to do all the “make me choose” thingy but work has been cray lately so yeah. maybe tomorrow or whenever.


Sexual Orientation: Arizona Robbins in a robe with a baby on her hip.

Fierce and fab mommy :3


a list of reasons why it’s okay that leopold knew regina was cora’s daughter when he proposed to her, and a list of reasons why it’s okay that cora did that to regina in the first place:

  • none
  • nothing
  • there is no list
  • it’s not okay 
  • at all
  • it’s fucking disgusting 
Anonymous asked: Hello dear. If you don't mind me asking, how old you?


I just want to punch my baby boy in the face.